List of Talks

List of invited talks

1. V. Konov (GPI RAS) "Single-wall carbon nanotubes - a new nonlinear optical material"
2. S. Garnov (GPI RAS) "High-intensity THz sources: fundamentals and applications"
3. V. Strelkov (GPI RAS) "Polarization properties of high harmonics generated via elliptically-polarized laser pulse"
4. E. Vinogradov (ISAN) "Polaritons: state of the art in resarch and applications"
5. V. Balykin (ISAN) "Atomic optics: from fundamental research to applications"
6. S. Arakelian (Vladimir State University) "Laser-induced micro- nanostructures with driven spatial topology on surface of the materials"
7. V. Zadkov (MSU) "Laser distillation of chiral molecules from a racemic solution"
8. V. Makarov (Moscow State University) title to be announced
9. A. Priezzhev (MSU) "Ñapillaroscopy as a diagnostic and prognostic tool in in-vivo flow cytometry"
10. V. Trunov (ILP SB RAS) "Filamentation and generation of intense low-cycle laser pulses"
11. A. Goncharov (ILP SB RAS) "High resolution spectroscopy of cooled and trapped Mg atoms"
12. S. Chepurov (ILP SB RAS) „Femtosecond optical clocks for precise metrology“
13. G. Grachev (ILP SB RAS) "Laser-plasma modification of surfaces of metals"
14. A. Taichenachev (ILP SB RAS) "Magnetically induced spectroscopy of strongly forbidden optical transitions: new methods and approaches to atomic clock"
15. N. Kolachevsky (Lebedev Physics Institute) "Frequency modulation spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances: a new experimental tool for high-precision measurements"
16. I. Sokolov (St. Petersburg Polytechnical University) "Light scattering and localization in optically dense ultracold atomic systems"
17. V. Tuchin (Saratov State University "Nanobiophotonics: diagnostics and therapy"
18. À. Savitsky (A.N. Bach Institute of Biochemistry) "New genetically engineered chromophores in biophotonics"
19. S. Kilin (Institute of Physics, Minsk, Belarus) "Quantum optics and quantum information"20. E. Khazanov (IAP RAS) "10 PW prototype for ELI Project"
21. A. Kim (IAP RAS) "Particle acceleration in ultrarelativistic regime by multi-hundred TW laser pulses"
22. A. Morozov (IAP RAS) "Optical projection tomography"
23. G. Gelikonov (IAP RAS) "Developments in endoscopic OCT"
24. I. Kozhevatov (IAP RAS) "Optical interferometry with sub wavelength transverse resolution"

1. F. Marquardt (Universitat Munchen) "Optomechanics - coupling light to mechanical motion"
2. M. Kaluza (Universitat Jena) "Visualization of the Electron-Acceleration Process in a Table-Top Laser-Plasma Accelerator"
3. O. Willi (Universitat Dusseldorf) " Laser plasma interaction studies with a 100TW laser pulse "
4. T. Kuhl (GSI Darmstadt) "State-of-the-art and research plans at PHELIX"
5. G. Korn (MPI fur Quantenoptik) "ELI - scientific and organizational structure"
6. J. Evers (MPI Heidelberg) "Effects of density and chirality on light propagation through coherently prepared media"
7. M. Fechner (Universitat Hamburg) "Praseodymium-doped Solid-state Lasers in the Visible Spectral Range"
8. H. Kuhn (Universitat Hamburg) "Crystalline Sesquioxide Channel Waveguide Lasers Produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition "
9. A. Pukhov (Universitat Dusseldorf) "Bright sources of x-rays and energetic particles from relativistic laser-plasmas"
10. I. Sherstov (PTB, Braunschweig) "Single-Ion Optical Frequency Standards with 171Yb+: Measurements of Frequencies and Frequency Ratios"
11. D. Sych (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg) "Quantum communication",
12. D. Wildanger (MPI Biophysical Chemistry, Dpt. of NanoBiophotonic, Gottingen) "STED and related concepts for far-field optical nanoscopy"
13. G.Leuchs (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg und MPI fur die Physik des Lichts) "The magnetic response of sub-wavelength metallic structures in the optical domain"
14. A. Golla (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen) "Spectroscopy of Ytterbium Atoms and Ions in a Hollow Cathode Lamp for Laser Locking"
15. S. Heugel (Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg) " Full absorption of an optical pulse into a Fabry-Perot resonator "
16. P. Koopmann (Universitat Hamburg) " Efficient 2-micron Laser Operation of Tm-doped Lu2O3 "
17. A. Villar (MPI fur die Physik des Lichts, Erlangen) "Efficient coupling between a single photon and a single two-level quantum system in free space"
18. U. Wolters (Universitat Hamburg) "Photoconductivity in Yb-Doped Laser Materials and its Effect on Laser Operation at High Excitation Densities"
19. J. Friebe (Institut fur Quantenoptik, Universitat Hannover) “Improved frequency measurement of the Mg clock transition via a dark telecommunication fiber“

1. P. Balcou (CELIA Bordeaux) "Advances in short pulse X ray sources from high intensity laser-matter interactions.”
2. S. Sebban (LOA) “X ray radiation with lasers”
3. G. Mourou (Institut de la Lumiere Extreme) "Extreme Light Physics"
4. P. Desbiolles (Universite Pierre et Marie Curie) “High sensitivity holography for biology”
5. F. Treussart (Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan) “Studying living cells with diamond nanoparticles”
6. M. Leduc (l'Institut Francilien de Recherche sur les Atomes Froids (IFRAF)) “Helium, from quantum physics and BEC to medical imaging”
7. M. Ducloy (University of Paris) “Atomic interferometry at the nanoscale”
8. L. Larger (the P. M. Duffieux Optics Laboratory at the University of Franche-Comte) : “Optical phase chaos for high bit rate secure communications”
9. E. Giacobino (CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure) “Quantum memories for information networks”
10. C. Chardonnet (Ecole Normale Superieure) “Absolute frequency measurements and optical standard transfer”
11. A. Kabashin (LP3, Marseille) “Nanofabrication with pulsed lasers”